10B WP Achievements (in English)

04.01.2023 CJD Sellin « zur Übersicht

10B has been very busy producing a film. There are 5 groups and each group has developed an original script and filmed it. Besides, the project has resulted in strong bonding among the team members. In fact, Team Skills have been at the forefront of this project since this is crucial to succeed in modern society. Being a Team Player is a prerequisite for any job.

Every group had brainstorming sessions in order to produce a clear outline of 6 scenes with climax, rebound and ending. Some groups opted for flashback scenes while others chose open endings. Not all groups wanted a sound film, so many produced silent films that involved all kinds of sound effects and background music.

Sharing responsibilities like costume design, props and logistics, as well as video editing created an array of practical skills within each group. Moreover, learning to operate a camera on a stand, or even on a drone, resulted in specific skills. The cameraman in each group played with long shots and close-ups so that additional dramatic effects could be visible in the films.

The groups had fun and discovered new talents in the process of film-making. Furthermore, they advanced their communication and social skills.

This project is a good example of “Das Zusammen wirkt” at CJD!